2018-2022 HS Region and All State Repertoire

Teachers/Directors - For High School Auditions Scheduling special requests and assistance please contact CMEA.auditions@gmail.com
About the new CMEA 4-year High School Auditions repertoire lists:
The first transitional year from the previous 1-year annual lists to the new 4-year list is complete! This past year’s 2017-2018 4-year list was the first to be available to the entire membership, and as expected it revealed to us many issues.
The new lists posted below (2018-2022) have changes that have been painstakingly reviewed and refined over the last year by our new-this-year Repertoire Coordinators, in collaboration with you, our CMEA membership around the state, and should serve us well for many years. CMEA has been responsive to the needs of the membership and Connecticut’s students. The newly revised 2018-2022 lists are posted below!
CMEA Copyright Policy
CMEA expects all students participating in the audition process to abide by all copyright laws. Students must have an original piece of music, a digitally purchased copy w/receipt, a public domain copy, or perform from memory. With the exception of students performing from memory, students auditioning without an acceptable copy of music may be disqualified from festival participation.    
High School and All State Audition Repertoire 
VOCAL    Please note: Soprano/Tenor Region song: “Ornamentation in Tu Lo Sai is optional and will not add or detract from the student’s score.” 
STRINGS     All-State Strings Auditions Excerpts
Students and Parents, please address any questions about audition repertoire to your music teacher.
CMEA Member Teachers: for questions, ideas, and concerns about CMEA high school audition repertoire as posted above (MS repertoire questions go to your Region Director), please address your inquiries to the following in each area...
Vocal          Matthew Harrison  Richie Diamond
Strings       Emmett Drake  Mike Winer
Winds        Jim Kleiner
Brass         Damon Coachman
Percussion Kyle Culbertson
Jazz           John Mastroianni
**** Our thanks to the Eastern Connecticut State University faculty for preparing these performances of the 2018 Region Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion solos: