Reflecting and Looking Forward

With the new year just on the horizon, it’s a great time to reflect — and to look forward.

This year, especially the past few months, have been a time of reflection for those of us involved in the CMEA leadership. If nothing else, we move forward from the recent discussions about racial equality and social justice within our community with a clearer vision for the work that needs to happen. We also leave this year with a stronger sense of responsibility for how we as music educators can foster a sense of inclusion and change.

A focus of CMEA in 2022 and beyond will be how our organization can do more to support Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) efforts including:

    • Leadership — According to CMEA by-laws, Megan Kirwin, previously the President-Elect, will move into the President’s role. The election process for a new President-Elect will be underway shortly.
    • Support — Create a more impactful scholarship program aimed at making music education accessible to all. We will offer a DEIB professional development for the music education community in May, including support for non-traditional ensembles.
    • Partner — Opportunistically and strategically create partnerships with state-wide music education organizations and universities to develop research opportunities and pedagogical practices around equity and inclusion.
    • Training and accountability — The executive board will attend an intensive DEIB training and governance workshop in January and February.
    • Learn — Survey our community about what CMEA can do to be more inclusive and how we can support positive change.

In an effort to move faster with our equity and inclusion planning and implementation we have created a special advisory council consisting of four of CMEA’s past presidents. This council will attend board meetings and function and act in an advisory capacity, but they will not be voting members of the executive board.

We will continue to support the preparations and performances of choral ensembles statewide. And we want to acknowledge and appreciate the work and persistence of the All-State Choir team in ensuring that we hear from more voices, not fewer.

We look forward to the opportunities of the coming year and we hope that you will be able to see, hear, and feel CMEA’s efforts — and that we all find strength as a unified ensemble.



The CMEA Executive Board




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