UPDATE: Revised Addendum 7 – COVID-19 Reopening Considerations for CT K–12 Arts Programs

The Connecticut State Department of Education and the Connecticut Department of Public Health in partnership with Arts educators across the state have revised Addendum 7 to maintain Arts programming, teaching, and learning in Connecticut. The Addendum 7 is revised to provide broader guidance to support local internal analysis for school/district leaders to discuss what will work best for the district in maintaining Arts programs (Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre And Visual Arts).

The new guidelines which were created by arts leaders from CMEA, CAAA, NHFS, and arts leaders across the state represent alignment with guidance that will assist districts in analyzing the local context, risk. mitigating strategies and benefits, so that the arts programs can be maintained, expanded or in some ways reinstated.

Revised Addendum 7 October 2021

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