Festival Committee Information and Forms

Hire a Conductor and/or Accompanist

Follow these steps:

  1. Read the Conductor Fee and Reimbursement Guidelines prior to your contacting a prospective conductor.
  2. Obtain a verbal confirmation of your conductor’s availability on the festival date(s) and snow date(s).
  3. Complete the Contract Information Form. Your completed form will be sent to the executive director and a formal contract will be issued through the CMEA office. A copy will be sent to your region director or the All-State chair (if applicable). Student Affairs Commission will need to approve your conductor before the formal contract is issued.

For the 2023-24 school year, submit as soon as possible.

A formal contract will be issued by the executive director based in part on the information you provide on the form. To complete the form, you will need:

  1. The conductor/accompanist’s legal mailing address, email, and phone.
  2.  Details discussed regarding reimbursement other than the honorarium, ie. hotel night, mileage/travel, as applicable and approved.
  3.  Festival rehearsal schedule, concert time (if known at this time, can be approximate)
  4.  Your own preferred contact information

Submit Program and Order Festival Music

Submit 2023-24 Festival Music Order Form as soon as possible

All music orders are handled by the CMEA office. To place an order for festival music, follow the guidelines below and submit the online order form.

There is a limit of TWO selections to purchase as new, with the exception of jazz, which is limited to THREE selections to purchase. The rest of your program should be borrowed from the CMEA library, or borrowed from another source. Any exceptions will need pre-approval from your region director or if for All-State, your festival chair.

To complete the form you will need: the number of copies or sets needed, the title, composer/arranger, voicing (if applicable), the CMEA library number if borrowing, the publisher’s name if it is a new purchase.

CTFest Training Guides

CTFest Ens./Fest. Chair Training

CMEA Copyright Policy

CMEA expects all students participating in the audition process to abide by all copyright laws. Students must have an original piece of music, a digitally purchased copy w/receipt, a public domain copy, or perform from memory. With the exception of students performing from memory, students auditioning without an acceptable copy of music may be disqualified from festival participation.