Eastern Region Middle School Festival

2020-21 Audition Information

Auditions for the 2020-21 school year will be held virtually only  through the new CTFest Audition platform which has an opening date for teacher registration of October 15.

The school association fee must be paid, school association form received and individual teacher memberships current in order to register students for auditions.

There will be no in-person festivals this year, however festival ensembles will still be selected through this audition and teachers will be notified of their students selection to the festival’s “paper” ensemble.

Registration Closes: March 3, 2021 **   Last Day to upload videos: March 10, 2021

**Late registrations will not be accepted under any circumstance. Audition registration closes March 3, but teachers may continue to upload videos past that date for registered students until March 10.

Audition Fee: $9 (Due 3/12/21)

ERMS Virtual Masterclasses

These virtual master classes are open to any student who completed an audition for the middle school region festival. The Region Director will email the links to these virtual sessions to participating directors to share with their students.

Payment to CMEA is $5 per student, one school issued check or purchase order.

Band: Saturday May 1, 2021

“Pathways to Performance,  My Journey as a Professional Musician” – Chris Howard, professional clarinetist in the United States Coast Guard Band.

Chris Howard will discuss his path and how varied the life of a professional musician can be. He will talk about music school, jobs I’ve had, how he prepared for auditions and audition life, what goes into getting (and keeping) jobs, share pictures and videos, and wrap up with a Q and A.

Orchestra: Monday May 3, 2021

The ERMS virtual orchestra festival will be a fun play-along workshop with multi-style cellist Mike Block!  After auditions, students will receive a couple of short solo pieces to learn for the virtual festival, transposed for all instruments to play in unison. During our virtual festival, students will learn how to use stylistic ornamentation in Baroque pieces, add creativity to their performances through arranging and improvising, and gain experience playing in multiple styles. Our guest artist, Mike Block is and active recording artist, composer, entrepreneur, and music educator based in Boston. Here is just one of his recent projects: Bach Prelude 1, Reimagined (you can also see many more on his website)

Chorus: Saturday May 1, 2021

Noah Fields will be hosting a virtual activity where he will guide students though critical listening activities to develop students’ skills to look deeper into the music we listen to and perform. We will discuss the difference between hearing and listening. Music is often used to convey emotion, but how is it that composers are able to evoke specific emotions though the music they create? Join us for a deeper look into the music we listen to and perform.

Jazz: Saturday May 1, 2021

Jazz students will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop with jazz pianist and composer Noah Baerman.  The workshop will focus on soloing techniques and will include a short performance by Mr. Baerman.

Festival Information:
March 12-13, 2021 (snow dates March 19-20)
RHAM High School
85 Wall Street
Hebron CT 06248

Festival Acceptance by December 21, 2020

Festival Fee $15 (Postmarked by 2/12/21)
Concert Ticket $10

Choral Concert:
Instrumental Concert:

HARP Auditions: All MS and HS harp region auditions will take place together on one day at the Southern Region HS Auditions, on November 21 at Joseph A. Foran High School, Milford. Teachers should register harp students in their own regions as they do all other students. MS teachers please note that MS harp students must be registered on CTFest by October 23, in order to create the SRHS schedule.

Committee Members

Eastern Region Director

Megan Kirwin

Orchestra Co-Chair

Lindsay Clark

Orchestra Co-Chair

Lynn Masciarelli

Festival Co-Chair

Allegra Plantier

Jazz Co-Chair

Kathy Neri

Jazz Co-Chair

Tracie Canestrari

Festival Co-Chair

Mark Kolb

Band Co-Chair

Michael Gowdy

Band Co-Chair

Zach Blain

Adjudication Chair

Patricia O’Sullivan

Mixed Chorus Co-Chair

Mary Walsh

Mixed Chorus Co-Chair

Christopher Hartel

Treble Choir Co-Chair


Treble Choir Co-Chair



Concert Band

Andrew Lefebvre



Treble Chorus


Jazz Ensemble


Mixed Chorus


Teacher’s Guide to CTFest Videos

CMEA Copyright Policy

CMEA expects all students participating in the audition process to abide by all copyright laws. Students must have an original piece of music, a digitally purchased copy w/receipt, a public domain copy, or perform from memory. With the exception of students performing from memory, students auditioning without an acceptable copy of music may be disqualified from festival participation.