Student Affairs Commission

The Student Affairs Commission (SAC) is the arm of CMEA that determines all policies and details concerning the Elementary, Middle, and High School Region and All-State Auditions and Concert Festivals. Included are such things as audition and festival dates and times, audition and festival repertoire, festival conductors, student and director attendance and chaperone policies, new student initiatives, fees, and more.

Serving on SAC are the elected Region Directors and Presidents, the All-State Chair, Judge Chairs, and various other volunteer positions dealing with student activities. SAC is the body that considers directors’ appeals on behalf of their students. The SAC Chair coordinates all SAC agendas and actions and sits on both the Executive Board and the Executive Council.

Commission Members


John Abucewicz

State Judge Co-Chairs

Amy Hannequin

State Judge Co-Chairs

Emily Caravella


Shannon Prouty

Equity and Access Liaison

Daniel Kinsman

All- State Chair

Greg Hoyt

Eastern Region Director

Megan Kirwin

Northern Region Co-Director

Sharon Vocke

Northern Region Co-Director

Dawn Matthews

Southern Region Director

Jaminda Blackmon

Western Region Co-Director

Robert Thornton

Western Region Co-Director

Andrew Gadwah

Elementary Honors Band Chair

Caitlin Serpliss

Elementary Honors Orchestra Chair

Emily Caravella

Elementary Honors Choir Co-Chairs

Elizabeth Read

Elementary Honors Choir Co-Chairs

Patiricia Barbano-Parczany

Elementary Honors Choir Co-Chairs

Deborah Curylo

HS Repertoire Committee

For questions, ideas of concerns about CMEA high school audition repertoire as posted, please address your inquiries to the following in each area:


Matthew Harrison


Richard Diamond


James Kleiner


Emmett Drake


Michael Winer


Damon Coachman


Kyle Culbertson


John Mastroianni

(MS repertoire concerns should go to your Region Directors)

CMEA Copyright Policy

CMEA expects all students participating in the audition process to abide by all copyright laws. Students must have an original piece of music, a digitally purchased copy w/receipt, a public domain copy, or perform from memory. With the exception of students performing from memory, students auditioning without an acceptable copy of music may be disqualified from festival participation.