How to Create the Virtual Ensemble

Tips on How to Record Your Virtual Ensemble

How to Make a Virtual Ensemble Slideshow

How to Record for a Virtual Ensemble

  1. Dress nicely
  2. Use your phone video recorder in landscape mode to videotape yourself playing the trio. (be sure to use a phone recorder, and not a computer or Ipad, so the recordings  will record at the same speed)
  3. Choose a nice background for your video.
  4. Make sure people know you are recording and are quiet. Turn off phones
  5. Tune your instrument to the tuner on SmartMusic or an online tuner or one you may own.
  6. If you are a reed player, play several reeds to choose your best-sounding reed.
  7. Use headphones and play your part as closely as possible to the track you are hearing and record yourself playing. You must play along with your part or the speed will be off.
  8. Submit the recording to your teacher.

Creating a Slideshow on a Mac with Your Virtual Ensemble

  1. Create your soundtrack in the Pinkzebra GarageBand template using the individual tracks that students send of themselves singing (I also tried this for instrumental, but although it worked, the sound echoed a bit for instrumental)
  2. Ask parents to take photos of their child/children singing and email them to you for use in the slideshow
  3. Import the photos into the photos app
  4. Open imports on the photos app
  5. Click on the photos you would like to add to the slideshow while holding the “shift” key down 
  6. Under the photos “File” click on “create,” “slideshow”, and “photos”
  7. Click on the eighth notes found to the right of the screen in the middle
  8. Click on “music library”
  9. Search the name of the track you created
  10. Click on the name of the track that you want to use
  11. Look up to the top right and delete any music that may be in default to play with the slideshow
  12. Play your slideshow
  13. Go to File “export,” and “slideshow” to export the file to your desktop

Many Thanks to Pinkzebra Music for creating a fantastic GarageBand template for teachers to use with their beautiful Pinkzebra Music scores as well as public domain music!