Elementary Honors Band

Festival Information:
April 2, 2020 (at the CMEA conference)
Connecticut Convention Center
100 Columbus Boulevard
Hartford, CT 06103

Nomination Form Opens: November 13, 2019
Nomination Form Closes: November 20, 2019

Festival Fee: $32 per student (includes lunch, tee shirt)
Concert Ticket: $5 (at door cash/check only)
Concert Time: 4:30pm


Ensemble Chair:

Caitlin Serpliss

Participation Requirements

Teachers: Teachers must hold CMEA membership, both at the time of submitting nominations and the Festival, and agree to serve as their school’s official chaperone for the entire day of the Festival.  The Teacher (official chaperone) may attend the All-State Conference sessions during the Festival (if they have purchased a conference registration), however they must remain on premises, provide the Elementary Honors Chairperson with their cell phone or other immediate contact information, and be available in case of emergency. In addition, schools must use prudent judgement and provide adequate support to students who may require additional supervision.

Students: Students must be band students of a CMEA member teacher at their school and enrolled in either the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade.

Nomination Procedure

To best serve the instrumentation needs of the ensemble, students will be selected based on teacher nomination.  CMEA members may nominate up to 8 of their band students in per school, through the online EHB Nomination Form which is open from November 13 through November 20, 2019. Collaborate with other member teachers at your school to determine which student(s) to nominate from your school. Consult with your school/district orchestra/choir/band teachers to be sure not to nominate the same student for multiple honors ensembles.

Members must log in to this website to be able to access the EHB Nomination Forms on this page.

Important Note: Nominating students does not mean that they are automatically accepted.

Selection is made with the instrumentation needs of the ensemble in mind. However, at least one student per school will be accepted from each school that registers, and teachers will be notified by November 30, 2019 as to who has been chosen.

Upon notification of student acceptance, teachers will be emailed information regarding required student health forms, tee shirt orders, teacher lunch options and schedule information.  Teachers are encouraged to bring a band instrument to play along at some point during the day. The fee per each student accepted will be $32 which includes lunch and a tee shirt. Payment must be in the form of one school issued check made out to CMEA or a school purchase order form. 

Student health forms and fees, must be mailed to the CMEA office as one school mailing, no later than January 15, 2020 in order to finalize your student’s participation.

Completing the EHB Nomination Forms

There are two steps in the nomination procedure. First is to complete a form that gathers your teacher and school information. The second is for student nominations. We did it in two forms to avoid your having to enter all the school data multiple times.

When completing the student nomination form you will be asked to nominate students via ratings, keeping in mind repertoire of a ½ to 1 ½ difficulty. You will be asked to list your student nominees in rank order of preference for selection and you will need to complete information on each of your nominations, something like this:


  1. Emma Lastname – Baritone – great leader and player
  2. Johnny Student – Tuba – excellent sight reading skills
  3. Shelly Impish – Trombone – good trombonist and can play the correct partial
  4. Jackson Sprite – Clarinet – good player and can play above the break
  5. Kelly Pixie – Alto Saxophone – super dedicated, but can only play very loudly

Please keep in mind what the repertoire will be when making nominations.

The 2020 EHB program will be as follows:

Star Splitter Fanfare – Brian Balmages
Hotaru Koi – arr. Nancy Fairchild
And the Trumpets Sound – Bob Turner
Sanctus – arr. Robert W. Smith
Creatures in the Attic – Brian Balmages
Azimuth – Sean O’Loughlin

Forms / Links

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