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Got Job Openings?

Do you have a job opening in your school or district? Let us know so we can include them on our Job Board! Email a brief description and application links to us at… Continue reading

Members Only Features of the Webpage

WHY SHOULD I LOG IN? Here are some items that are visible only when logged in: Contact emails for the Executive Board, Student Affairs Commission, festival committees, HS repertoire committee and other program chairs. Teacher Festival Guidelines and Policies Handbook. There is an abbreviated student version of festival policies posted publicly that only contains what … Continue reading

Why We Need Music in Our Schools… and How to Make Our Case.

About 35-40,000 years ago, humans began carving flutes out of bone.  Could it have been a means of communication or were the flutes simply used to entertain?  Most likely we’ll never know the answer but, curiously, humans were also painting the walls of caves.  Why would these early visual and auditory expressions be part of … Continue reading