Northern Region High School Festival

Adjudication Dates:    November 4, 2017 Festival Dates:    January 12-13, 2018
Adjudication Location:   Festival Location:  
Adjudication Fee:     $20 Festival Fee:     $38
Adjudication Schedule:   available TBD on: Festival Schedule:  TBD will be posted below

Dave Winer

To be elected:

Keith Morrissette

Jennifer Wojcik

Northern Region Co-Directors

Andrew Brochu Adjudication Site Chair Jared Cassedy  Guest Conductor for Band

Jeff Sirois

John Abucewicz

Festival Co-Chairs Jason Bouchard  Judge Chair  Cory Ganschow Guest Conductor for Choir

Wayne Splettztoeszer

Mitch Bernier

Band Co-Chairs

Bridget Gilchrist

Stephen Brookes

Head Flute/Oboe/Bassoon Judge

Head Clarinets/Saxophone Judge

Jonathan Lam Guest Conductor for Orchestra
     Paul Pierce  Head Strings Judge TBD Guest Conductor for Jazz Band
Needed Choir Chair Leslie Imse Head Vocal Judge  
Dan O'Brien Jazz Band Chair Tom Johnston Head Jazz Judge    
Paul Pierce Orchestra Chair

Dom Talotta

Kyle Culbertson

Head Brass Judge

Head Percussion Judge



Important Dates:
  •  - 10/2/2017 Registration Opens (technically, ctfest is open after school pays CMEA institutional fee, as long as teacher is CMEA dues-paid member)
  •  - 10/11/2017 Registration Closes
  •  - 10/27/2017 Audition Fees Postmark Deadline
  •  - 11/4/2017 Auditions at Avon HS, scores, cut-offs to follow asap
  •  - 11/7/2017 teachers check students' online sheets, clarification deadline
  •  - 11/11/2017 Ensembles posted
  •  - 11/17/2017 Teachers respond with Festival Acceptance on Posted
  •  -  All-State Audition Confirmation on
  •  - 12/22//2017 NRHS Festival Fees and All-State Audition Fees Postmarked to CMEA office (use invoice found at
  •  - 1/12-13/2018 - Northern Region High School Festival (New Britain High School)
  •  - 1/27/2018 All-State Auditions  (North Haven High School) (snow date - February 3, 2018)
  • - AS Festival Acceptance by TBD; AS Festival Fee postmarked by TBD
  • - 3/30- 4/1/2017 All State Festival (2018 - April 19-21)